Can you test behaviour?

Can you test behaviour?

I don’t think so – a test denotes there is a right or wrong answer and this is not what behavioural assessment is all about. But what a behavioural assessment can do is provide you with an insight in to how an applicant is likely to act in the workplace, how they are likely to react in different situations and their suitability for areas such as sales, management and technical work. It can help you to understand their values, attitude, strengths and limitations, as well as the type of management style they will respond best to.

This type of information is really useful during the recruitment process as it allows you to understand the whole person and tailor some of your interview questions accordingly. For example, if a behavioural profile indicates that an applicant is a perfectionist then it may be easy for them to meet the expectations of clients but at what cost to their team relationships and does this result in a tendency to lose sight of the bigger picture and overall objective? Are they going to be able to adjust to change and will their very high standards negatively impact productivity? Knowing a little about their behavioural tendencies, you can craft some interview questions that will allow you to soon learn if their perfectionism is likely to be a benefit or drawback to your business (and it’s a good idea to probe further with referees too!).

Sure, behavioural profiles, like any tool have some limitations, some are better than others and the outputs are only as good as the inputs but in my experience (and I have tested plenty on myself), they provide accurate insights. Most profiling tools will highlight the reliability of the information (and in doing so, catch a candidate out if they are just saying what they think you want to hear) and also provide a job match (identifying the most desirable traits for the job you are recruiting and providing a comparison).

Behavioural profiling can also be really useful in performance reviews (in terms of workforce and succession planning) or resolving team conflict. But that is another article.

Remember, resumes aren’t always what they seem and with an abundance of interview coaches selling their wares, a polished interviewee does not always equal a great addition to your team. Avoid making hiring decisions that prioritise style over substance and introduce a range of different techniques to help you make an effective recruitment decision.

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Belinda Hermann is the Managing Director of Top Office Group Pty Ltd and Inspired Career Planning. An Accredited Career Practitioner, she has specialised in sourcing and recruiting talent for businesses across South East Queensland for 25 years.