16090R | Field Worker – Natural Area’s

Top Office Group are a preferred supplier of staff for local government in Ipswich and we have positions available within the natural area’s team in open space and streetscape commencing asap.  This is a full time 6-8 week placement. Duties would include but not limited to: Whipper snipping Mowing Blowing Litter picking Basic garden duties… View Article

Look what’s changed in 4 months

4 months ago, we presented Executive Outlook’s findings on business sentiment and trends, reflecting the views of over 80 business leaders across the region.  89% of executives cited skill shortages as their top constraint.  This was the mood on the ground.  “It’s easy to get work, the market’s hot. We need more staff to grow”…. View Article

Insights from Top Office (for your talent solutions)

There is no doubt the employment market is tough right now (if you are an employer, that is).  Demand is high and supply is short. Most businesses we talk to are experiencing skills shortages, and operating leanly as a result. Jobs are taking longer to fill, and with counter offers and salary expectations on the… View Article

Benchmark your business

Executive Outlook’s survey takes the pulse of business leaders across the region. This week, we explore the popularity and pitfalls of remote work (followed by skill shortages, next week). Pandemics come and go, but this one taught us how to lean on technology, stay productive and work from home.  This presented opportunities for businesses to… View Article

100% of leaders in Executive Outlook report skill shortages

Our study indicates we’re heading a perfect storm – businesses have the work coming in but not enough staff. Demand for labour has gone through the roof.  Some let people go in the midst of COVID, and are now struggling to hire.  Workers are more cautious about changing careers.  Companies are responding with higher wages… View Article

Executive Outlook (burnout findings)

Presented exclusively by Top Office Group, Executive Outlook is known as the “most comprehensive, insightful and valuable study of this region” (for our 11th year running). We reported last month that our interviews with over 60 business leaders revealed a dip in confidence (down from 71% to 56%). We’re optimistic about our fast-growing region, but… View Article

Who’s leading this show?

In our sector, Kevin Wheeler is known as a gold standard on the future of work.  He says this year will see humans “win back respect” and take more control over technology and AI, as we begin to see its limitations. Does this mean we spend too much time automating engagement at the expense of… View Article

Grow your own talent – Outstanding incentives

ABS unemployment has dropped to 5.5%. It’s a great story, but underemployment has a huge foothold, with a shift towards part-time work. We decided to explore this through the eyes of 200 employees and job-seekers in our region. We found that 33% of the employees we surveyed are not working enough hours to support their… View Article

Executive Outlook explores AI (and where people fit in)

In our latest survey of 200 job seekers, we were surprised to learn that 90% of our respondents are not concerned about the impact of technology on their career prospects. Perhaps they don’t see the big picture.  Either way, we need to wise up to the dramatic transformation taking place. How do we have this… View Article

Rule the roost in 2017

For many of us, our alarm went off on Monday, for the first time this year. I heard it called “back to work 3rd week blues syndrome”.  So if you weren’t jumping out of your skin, take heart in knowing you’re not alone. Just over half of us were dreading the prospect, according to a… View Article

Why people are still more important than technology

Our latest Executive Outlook survey uncovered an emerging point of view that people are more important than technology, when it comes to operating a successful business. We conducted in-depth interviews with over 100 business leaders, to explore their issues and challenges (specific to local industry).  Top Office then presented these highlights to a large gathering… View Article

Executive Outlook 2016 (a must read)

It was exciting to present our 2016 Executive Outlook findings to a packed audience of business leaders at the Ipswich Club, with such a great vibe. We are delighted to share a few of the key highlights with you. Technology used to be the playground for rich and powerful companies. Now, anyone who is serious… View Article