Enhance your office resources with a Business Administration Trainee

Many years ago, I started my career on a business administration traineeship.  12 month training contract with my employer, learn the business from the ground up, do the hard yards, earn your qualification working and studying and then wait and see if you have earnt a spot on the permanent payroll at the end of the year or look for your next job challenge.

Having just finished school, I walked in wide eyed and ready to learn and did learn so much in my first 12 months of employment (and I like to think that I also contributed positively to my employer as well).  It really was a launching pad for me when I was starting out and as a Hiring Manager, I have continued to assign business administration traineeships as part of my workforce planning strategies.

I don’t think that traineeships get the recognition they deserve.  Employers often put them in the too hard basket (how do I make this happen?) and job seekers don’t realise what 12 months full-time work experience (whilst getting paid the national training wage and earning a nationally recognised qualification based on real world experience) can do for their career.

Many employers are not aware of the significant incentives that go a long way to funding the cost of the 12 month resource.  Business wins and the community wins through job creation and a pathway for people to start working towards their career goals.

When a business engages a trainee, they also need to choose a Supervising Registered Training Organisation (SRTO) to deliver the qualification that underpins the traineeship.  When you choose us (Skills@Top) as your SRTO for a Business Administration Traineeship, we tailor the training plan to your workplace and also offer a free recruitment placement service as part of the package.  The sign-up paperwork is also a breeze as the Australian Government has engaged specialists to come out on site and make this as easy as possible for you.

So could you do with an additional resource in your business to help with administration tasks?  Perhaps assisting with reception, recordkeeping, data entry or customer service?  Maybe they could be picking, packing or processing sales orders, helping with web site maintenance or organising freight and deliveries?  If so, why not consider a trainee for your business today and reap the rewards.  Your existing team members will also appreciate mentoring opportunities and with no obligation to offer a permanent position at the end of the training contract, you can reassess your requirements after 12 months based on business needs.

If you would like to find out more about our traineeship packages to support your future workforce plans, contact our training team today on 3812 2920 or email skills@topoffice.com.au.

Compiled by Belinda Hermann, Managing Director of Top Office Group Pty Ltd and Inspired Career Planning.  An Accredited Career Practitioner with over 25 years’ experience sourcing and recruiting talent for businesses across South East Queensland.