Executive Outlook (latest trends)

We hope this finds you in good health.  We’re reaching out to share a few ideas on how other local businesses are faring in these unique times, hope you find this helpful.

We’ve talked to dozens of business leaders over recent weeks, through our research for Executive Outlook (known as the “most comprehensive and insightful study of the region”).  We thank you for sharing your wisdom and ideas to change, bend and flex to protect our businesses through the crisis, and help each other. What’s emerged is a sense of evolving together, by collectively participating in diverse conversations.

Most leaders are grappling with how to cut costs, manage staff remotely and engage with clients.  They’re the big 3 challenges, coupled with the “what ifs” (as we brace for more economic shocks). What happens if profits drop more? How can we reinvent our businesses?

That said, business leaders are overwhelmingly grateful for the Government stimulus, to manage the downturn.

Few sectors have escaped COVID havoc, but the clear winner is the technology sector. We’ve been forced to digitise our economy very quickly. Security risks and attacks are a by-product, and we need brilliant IT support behind the scenes.

The theme from our conversations is that it’s up to us, as leaders, to be brave, bold, consider all ideas and take action. The pressure has been huge, to adapt, make hard decisions fast and communicate the plan. So, our teams know exactly what faces them. We’re embracing Zoom to boost productivity and engagement.

Business leaders are sensitive to the challenges of combining work from home with family responsibilities, all in the same space. Our teams are most likely in ‘on-line fatigue’ by now. Morale has taken a hit. It’s exhausting. This throws a light on productivity (although we have no clear trends on this, as yet).

The JobKeeper allowance is a godsend for local businesses. We’re leveraging this support to preserve jobs for the long haul, back our team and push forward together.

Now is the time to connect, stay close to your key clients and help others. This gives an insight into what our clients are facing, and what they need.  As we look to the recovery, opportunities are everywhere. Here are a few ideas on how others in Executive Outlook are managing the crisis:

  • Know where your value lies in the current climate.
  • Build a pipeline of service offerings to add value on the day of recovery.
  • Back your team, and embrace the new path together.
  • Stay close to your existing clients, keep driving the pipeline.
  • Invite your clients to a virtual lunch.
  • Offer advice and guidance.
  • Be a voice of hope.

By staying engaged, you will be there when the wheel turns.

Collaboration and comradery have been a key feature of our research.

We’re adapting to the new normal and using it as a force for good. Distillers are making hand sanitisers, manufacturers are creating ventilators, tele-health services have popped up.

It’s wonderful to see the kindness pandemic catch on across all walks of life, and our gratitude for those on the front-line.

Now is a great time to support our local health workers and send a Hero-gram!

Our hearts go out to the many businesses in distress, and those who just couldn’t hang on, through no fault of their own. It’s heartbreaking.

It’s also a tricky time for landlords and tenants to negotiate their way out. The last thing landlords want is an empty building when things turn around.

Sense of purpose

 “This is a time to connect and a cry to the human heart, which has become lost because of technology .. At the same time, it is because of technology that we can reach out, and rediscover sharing moments.”

The mindset we’ve adopted to survive the COVID crisis builds on these essentials:

  • Have a clear sense of purpose.
  • Be prudent with your intake of news and social media.
  • Focus on a daily routine and being productive.
  • Choose nutritious foods to support your immune system.
  • Sleep well.

With all the apps, we don’t even have to leave home to exercise and stay well. If you’re anxious about the future, there are loads of meditations (a  favourite).

News from the Top

We’ve found demand for careers counselling has gone through the roof, to support job seekers with transition and upskilling options. Our qualified career practitioner facilitates all aspects of tailored career plans for successful outcomes. Please reach out if we can assist.

Our popular 3 week Ready for Work programs coach young people in aligned career paths, employer expectations and job search skills. Over 100 local businesses have run with these amazing subsidies, and employed a trainee from our program. Please call Bree to find out more.

We love our community, and how we support each other.  That’s why we’re passionate about Executive Outlook, as a barometer of local business conditions and a forum to share ideas (for our 12th year running). We’re exploring ideas for adapting to the new normal, challenges, confidence levels, and links between remote work and productivity.  Our conversations are by phone or zoom right now, but we’re planning our annual Business Leaders’ presentation breakfast in October, as usual (and holding the faith).  If you would like to come on board, please call either myself, Belinda or Roger on 3812 2920.

Compiled by Jan Gadsden, Founder/Director of Top Office Group Pty Ltd.