Hiring Hot-spots in 2017


Our latest Executive Outlook survey found that skill shortages have crept back, for 40% of companies in our group. Based on our interviews with over 100 business leaders, we identified pockets of demand for:

  • Qualified, experienced accountants, credit controllers and auditors.
  • Experienced doctors, nurses and aged care professionals.
  • Social workers with NDIS knowledge.
  • Confident sales professionals, to develop business opportunities.
  • Web developers, coders, and digital marketers, who can communicate at all levels and hit the ground running.
  • Good plumbers (they’re as rare as hen’s teeth).
  • Cybersecurity specialists to tackle hackers and inside leaks (Demand is on the rise).

Following are the employment trends further afield.

Australian Industry Group (Shortage of tradies)

  • We are headed for a dire shortage of tradies, according to the latest AiG’s Workforce Development Needs report. Their survey of 300 companies highlighted a shift away from manual jobs to white-collar professions.
  • 52.2% of the companies cited ‘technicians and trade workers’ as areas of skills shortages in the past year.  In contrast, only 8.5% nominated ‘professionals’ as an area of greatest need.
  • AiG’s Performance of Services Index showed a growth in services jobs. This reflected increased customer demand, a growth in orders from the mining sector, stable interest rates and healthy agricultural harvests.

IBIS World report (Jobs growth over the next five years)

  • Online shopping jobs are set to grow at an annualised rate of 7.5%. The chief beneficiaries will be point-of-sale technicians, web and UX designers and digital marketers.
  • IT security jobs will grow at 6% pa, as the need for counter-threat technology builds around artificial intelligence software and the NBN rollout.
  • Online data storage is anticipated to drive jobs growth of 5.9% pa, for professionals with skills in cloud management, data and storage design.
  • Government support for innovation is expected to spur demand for trademark and patent lawyers, to protect research and development.

So, all in all, there are positive signs of a reasonably confident market. Candidates need to be wise, in understanding where the needs are to secure their future. Do you have the skills to match? If not, what can you be doing to future proof your career?