Who’s leading this show?

In our sector, Kevin Wheeler is known as a gold standard on the future of work.  He says this year will see humans “win back respect” and take more control over technology and AI, as we begin to see its limitations.

Does this mean we spend too much time automating engagement at the expense of relationships? Has the app addiction gone too far? Research suggests 40-60% of current jobs won’t exist in 10 years’ time, courtesy of robots. So, who’s actually running this show?

90% of business leaders in our latest Executive Outlook study have embraced new technologies, as a driving source of innovation. At the same time, 67% face increased competition from digital platforms (even our clients and suppliers are in that mix).

The dilemma is how we stay relevant in a cluttered market, and match expectations on cost and service. Not to mention, find time to connect with the different audiences we need to reach.

That’s not saying social media’s not effective. Everything about mastering the art of social-selling and embedding it into activities makes sense, as a way to grow the brand. But, we live in a gossip economy, so it’s vital to protect your brand, and know (without a shadow of doubt) how you add value. This is where value and content are inseparable, specifically topics of interest that will help your audience, and allow you to connect with them.

Technology screams opportunity, but there needs to be a balance. if we’re not telling stories, and engaging with our customers as humans, we’re switching off the pipeline.  There is a level of consultation that people will always want. This involves our soft skills, like leadership and empathy (those skills that differentiate us over machines).

That’s why we’re excited to invite you to our Academy for this cutting-edge workshop on 2nd April, “Inspiring the Leader in You”. It is packed full of tools to develop your leaders, create successful teams and foster loyalty, through savvy, consistent leadership styles. Our facilitator, Serena, is empowering, and the results she delivers are top notch, with the opportunity to exchange ideas from the comfort of our award-winning Academy (free off-street parking). Call us on 3812 2920 to reserve your spot.