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December 6, 2018

Executive Outlook (the very latest)

We were excited to present our annual Executive Outlook findings to a packed audience of business leaders last month, drawing on in-depth interviews with 100 business leaders.  There was such a great vibe; we hope you enjoy these highlights. 71% of business leaders are optimistic about the road ahead. Others feel more cautious, in the… View Article

November 27, 2017

Executive Outlook (Update on skills gaps, hiring trends, our edge and career tips)

We were excited to present our annual Executive Outlook findings to a packed audience of business leaders earlier this month. There was such a great vibe.. Here are some highlights. Executive Outlook is presented exclusively by the Top Office Group, to research local conditions, based on our interviews with over 75 business leaders, and hundreds… View Article


March 31, 2017

Endangered (and hot) jobs in 2017

Despite signs of a buoyant economy, studies show over 40% of our workforce face being replaced by computers in the next 5 years.  Companies are pushed on margins and lean on technology ahead of people to stay profitable. We’re all vulnerable, but none more so than young people. The silver lining is that technology will… View Article


March 31, 2017

Hiring Hot-spots in 2017

Our latest Executive Outlook survey found that skill shortages have crept back, for 40% of companies in our group. Based on our interviews with over 100 business leaders, we identified pockets of demand for: Qualified, experienced accountants, credit controllers and auditors. Experienced doctors, nurses and aged care professionals. Social workers with NDIS knowledge. Confident sales… View Article


November 25, 2014

Are you in your own way of compliance?

If you have the travel bug, I can recommend Peru for your bucket-list. The beauty and magic of Machu Picchu, and majestic snow capped mountain peaks, took my breath away. It’s just like a fairy-tale – a sacred, enchanted city of stone and terraces built by the Incans in 1430, and shrouded in mystery. The… View Article


October 7, 2014

Robots and the world of work – How far is too far?

Despite mind-blowing leaps in technology, and a collision with jobs, all roads still lead back to the hub (a go-to place for teams to meet, and administration to happen). The “new office hub” is just more flexible, with hot-desks, meeting areas and an ICT platform that can integrate a dispersed workforce with data and systems…. View Article


August 27, 2014

Putting unemployment in context

Despite encouraging confidence indicators, there wasn’t too much inspiration on the jobs front last month. It’s hard to imagine how the concept of unemployed candidates applying for 40 jobs per month could help anyone. On the upside, the broader picture for employment bodes well, following a spike in construction. NAB’s latest study showed business conditions… View Article


July 28, 2014

Are you an entrepreneur or an employee?

One of the biggest mistakes leaders make is to fill their businesses with employees and confuse the concept of “entrepreneurs and employees”. We need them both. Understanding these two distinct types of people (and giving them the freedom to challenge the way we’ve always done things) is vital for a thriving business. This comes down… View Article


June 30, 2014

Trends from the Top

It might be impossible to keep up with the exponential advances in technology, but some things never change – like the curve balls life throws us with monotonous regularity. The way I see it you can either cave in, or catch the opportunities. In the end, it’s how we deal with them that count. There’s… View Article