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People Without Jobs – Jobs Without People

Last week, I escaped from the rat-race, into a magical mountain retreat. Trading corporate jungles for rainforest and simplicity reminded me that life doesn’t need to be so complex.
Nothing comes close to the trajectory of change taking place right now. You see it everywhere. It’s what you do with change that counts, and our […]

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The No. 1 thing people want in life is.. Recognition

It’s that special time of year when I get the chance to wear my Projects Hat for Ipswich City Rotary’s Pride of Work Awards. We felt it was timely to showcase the (often forgotten) contributions of small to medium enterprises. This is the theme for our gala awards evening in May, where we celebrate […]

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Executive Outlook 2015

Presented exclusively by the Top Office Group, Executive Outlook is our annual study, based on in-depth interviews with over 60 local businesses. We presented these highlights to a large gathering of leaders last week. Executive Outlook is an authentic study that explores prevailing confidence, challenges, skill shortages and reinvention trends across our region. We can […]

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The Power of Community

It was captivating to watch the journey of Gayle and Mac on Australian Story. Their enduring love story pulled Gayle through the horrific farm accident that led to the loss of an arm, and use of her other arm, 13 years ago. A community rescue effort saved her life, enabling her to cope and […]

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The Generational Bargain

A short time ago, I stepped off the merry-go-round, into a digital-detox retreat for baby-boomers. All digital devices were duly expelled on arrival. Trading this for qi-gong, bush walks, yoga, pampering and organic food wasn’t that much of a stretch really. The NO gluten, dairy, sugar, caffeine and wine slant on things was tricky […]

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Secure your future – learn and unlearn just as quickly

The question our candidates are asking right now is “Where are we at with the job market”? We are finding it is up, down and all over the place (almost in a rut).  The collision of technology and jobs, fewer opportunities and youth unemployment all come into play. We explore the mindset and skills […]

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Are you in your own way of compliance?

If you have the travel bug, I can recommend Peru for your bucket-list. The beauty and magic of Machu Picchu, and majestic snow capped mountain peaks, took my breath away. It’s just like a fairy-tale – a sacred, enchanted city of stone and terraces built by the Incans in 1430, and shrouded in mystery.

The […]

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Robots and the world of work – How far is too far?

Despite mind-blowing leaps in technology, and a collision with jobs, all roads still lead back to the hub (a go-to place for teams to meet, and administration to happen). The “new office hub” is just more flexible, with hot-desks, meeting areas and an ICT platform that can integrate a dispersed workforce with data and […]

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Putting unemployment in context

Despite encouraging confidence indicators, there wasn’t too much inspiration on the jobs front last month. It’s hard to imagine how the concept of unemployed candidates applying for 40 jobs per month could help anyone.

On the upside, the broader picture for employment bodes well, following a spike in construction.

NAB’s latest study showed business conditions soared […]

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Are you an entrepreneur or an employee?

One of the biggest mistakes leaders make is to fill their businesses with employees and confuse the concept of “entrepreneurs and employees”. We need them both. Understanding these two distinct types of people (and giving them the freedom to challenge the way we’ve always done things) is vital for a thriving business.

This comes down […]

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