Behavioural Profiling

Top Office Group Pty Ltd specialises in full service recruitment placement, together with cost-effective add-on recruitment and assessment tools to compliment your own recruitment processes.

We have partnered with a specialist to deliver our Discover Yourself profile, based on the DISC model of behavioural assessment.


DISC is a tool for describing how people are likely to behave and our report provides a summary of your job applicants key traits, along with their observable strengths, limitations, communication style, relationship dynamics, planning and decision making styles. It gives you an indication of how they are likely to respond to pressure and also provides you with strategies on how to manage them to obtain best performance.

To support future succession planning (for new and existing employees), the profile also highlights suitability for management, service, sales and technical work and drills down on exploratory behavioural questions that are ideal for a second interview.

Beyond recruitment, our Discover Yourself profile can be used as a coaching tool or as part of your performance review strategies to help people understand themselves, improve their interactions with others and reduce misunderstandings.

Our Discover Yourself online questionnaire can be completed from any location, at any time. Once completed, we provide you with a detailed Discover Yourself profile within one business day (a priority service is available for same day turnaround if required).

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